We are one of the most active extension developers in Search. We enhance search experience for more than 8 years.
And we offer:

  • All our products are chrome and FF validated. Easy and cool features to enhance your experience in Google. We make your everyday online life easier.

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  • Search is not only a great value-added service for users, it is also a clever monetization model for your contents and services.

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  • All our products are chrome and FF validated. Easy and cool features to enhance your experience in Google. We make your everyday online life easier.

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Kinner has built up an extensive range of search features included in our browser extensions and web services.

  • Nov 22, 2019

I absolutely love this extension! The zoom feature is perfect when trying to do research for school!! Definitely recommend.

  • Jan 29, 2020

Very helpful with some great features.

  • Nov 28, 2019

Super helpful when I'm doing work and it's so easy to use!

The first extension of KINNER. The right side of Google becomes a remote control to directly access cool features. Adds on Google a night mode, zoom buttons, side pager, screenshot and additional results.

Combine Google with enhanced search results. Click on the camera icon, get an instant screenshot. Save for later or and share with your people.

Dark mode on google to save energy and better surf your enhanced search results page.

Get optimized and additional results from other search engine sources. Google is great but Google + FlowAds is better.

Mystique is a new tab extension that takes the shape you want. Mystique features a clock, todo list, weather, bookmarks and much more!

You like youtube for video, wikipedia for knowledge and maps for localization. SearchBip gathers them all in one place so you can have access to your best Search Engines.

(only in France - UK and Germany coming soon) Make Preeska your default search engine and you will start contributing with money on childhood and earth protection. We collaborate with more than 10 NGOs. Your searches worth it. Help us helping them.

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Kinner offers his extensions to unlock your contents. This way your users will not have to pay money for it but they will generate revenues for you. Simple and clear install process.

The K-team can advise and develop customized solutions based on search. Contact us if you are thinking about developing.

We combine best-in-class industry expertise with start-up spirit and user service devotion.
Mix that with the life-style of Madrid and more than 100 years of accumulative Internet experience, you get one of the best offices in the world.

He’s the CEO. Former Yahoo and National Geographic. Sometimes he sees people in his dreams.

He’s the CTO. Doesn’t speak too much. Normal he’s from the north!

She’s the Marketing Director. She speaks a lot!!!

Media Buying and Distribution Director. He speaks too! More than 5 human languages and 1 machine language (data).

We are always recruiting for our marketing and Media buying team, Dev and tech, business Intelligence and analytics.

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